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The Risk of Driving Older Cars

Yesteryear's Automobile Technology is Risky Driving Today

Older Cars Are Still on the Road

The Hazards of Driving an Older Car

Older Cars Lack Safety Standards

Many older cars retain a coolness that isn’t present in a newer car. When a car buff refurbishes a classic car, the result is often close to magic. Even so, a newer car protects the safety of its passengers much better than older cars. Safety standards have steadily grown stronger over the years, resulting in advances such as airbags, autonomous emergency braking, cameras, and blind spot sensors.

Older Cars Lack High-Strength Steel

Old cars weigh more and contain massive amounts of metal. While this might seem like a good thing, in reality the cars of old lack the metal alloy technology present in newer cars. The end result is that the steel fabricated today holds up better in a crash than the thicker steel of yesteryear. Today’s high-strength steel better controls the energy from the impact of a crash even as it minimizes weight.

Accident Prevention

Older Cars Lack Crash Avoidance Systems

Much of the technological innovations today focus on crash avoidance, making it less likely for a car to get into an accident. Newer cars employ a variety of smart sensors that detect problems before they become an accident risk. Cars a decade old or more either have less sensors or none at all which is why an auto accident lawyer will find more serious injury cases resulting from accidents in older cars.

Newer Cars Have More Safety Features

The new cars on the market today contain numerous innovations that increase the safety for passengers that older cars simply don’t have. In one newer car example, the seat vibrates to alert the driver when a collision may be imminent. These vehicles even communicate with other newer vehicles, as frequently as 10 times a second. Soon, cars will be able to talk to stoplights and other roadway indicators.

Buyer Beware

Compare Before You Buy

Older cars will probably always have their place on the American road, but they do come with risks. A passenger is more likely to be injured from a crash in an older car without air bags and the benefits of high-strength steel technology. Also, a person is more likely to avoid an accident in a newer car by making use of smart technology such as blind spot and lane assist sensors.